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UKMOUnited Kingdom Meteorological Office
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The greatest change (61 percent) for the national parks was projected under the UKMO climate scenario.
The GISS and UKMO scenarios projected a 75 and 74 percent decrease in representation by protected areas in the boreal conifer forest, while the GFDL scenario projected a decrease of only 22 percent.
The MAPSS results for the temperate evergreen forest differed among the climate-change scenarios, with the HadCM2 and GISS scenarios projecting increased representation (34 and 46 percent, respectively) and the GFDL and UKMO scenarios projecting nominal decreases in representation (3 and 7 percent, respectively).
2] simulations of the GISS, GFDL, UKMO, and OSU GCMs.
As can be seen in Figure 1, the magnitudes of the increases in growing season are generally more pronounced across USDA regions in the UKMO scenario than in the other scenarios.
by comparing impacts associated with the GISS, GFDL, UKMO, and OSU climate change scenarios under the assumptions that all global lands can and cannot move into new uses.
These numbers are based on the average of the verification results from the original three NWP centers: ECMWF, JMA, and UKMO.
These numbers are based on the average of the verification results from three NWP centers with relatively small position errors in recent years: ECMWF, NCEP, and UKMO.
Figure 7a is for Typhoon Halong initiated at 1200 UTC 30 July 2014, where all the global NWP models failed in the track forecast and showed a similar poleward bias except for UKMO.
Although UKMO and ESSO-MoES have been working jointly on the UM modelling system since 2008, but to have a more robust collaborative partnership through joint developmental programs among all the international partners of the UM System, India through consortium agreement proposed to become the fourth core UM partner through ESSO-NCMRWF.
The database is currently updated routinely with near-real-time forecasts and reforecasts from nine data providers, namely, JMA, NCEP, BoM, ECMWF, UKMO, CMA, CNRM, CNR-ISAC, and HMCR.
7[degrees], L91 NCEP Days 0-44 ~l[degrees] X 1[degrees], L64 UKMO Days 0-60 ~0.