UKNEQASUnited Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service
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In European EQA programs, such as UKNEQAS, the CF European Network, and the EMQN, the participants are required to submit results in their usual clinical reporting format.
59,60) A UKNEQAS PT/EQA scheme for hemophilia A from 2003 failed 4 laboratories based on poor performance in the evaluation of their clinical report.
The UKNEQAS PT/EQA program emphasizes interpretation of data and their implications for both the patient and the family.
Performance of the BMD FIDIS[TM] C10[R] assay in detecting ENA antibodies in specimens provided by the UKNEQAS nuclear and related antigens EQA from 2007-2009.
Results for samples from UKNEQAS and for the in-house recovery experiments are shown in Table 3.
The values obtained for the UKNEQAS ID/GC-MS targeted pools are shown in Table 4, and those for the in-house pooled samples are shown in Fig.
The 3 ID/GC-MS targeted pools distributed by UKNEQAS also gave mean values close to the targets (Table 4), indicating good accuracy, although the number of pools was small and the concentration range narrow.
The three secondary standard samples were distributed for measurement to UKNEQAS participants in August 1999 and again in February 2000.
10] Nonstandard abbreviations: EQA, external quality assessment; UKNEQAS, United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Scheme; CBSL, Cardiff Bioanalytical Services Ltd.
Total number of measurements reported for each drug by participants in the UKNEQAS and those excluded for failing to meet selection criteria Total no.
The Bayer/Chiron PRL assays on the ACS:180 and Centaur analyzers have been considered low-reacting assays with regard to the presence of macroprolactin, as illustrated by the serums distributed through UKNEQAS (1,2).
The distribution of specimens containing macroprolactin through UKNEQAS has provided valuable information on the response of PRL assays to macroprolactin.