UKPCUnited Kingdom Privy Council
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UKPC has a reputation for ruthlessly pursuing parking "offenders".
Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Navigator Holdings plc [2006] UKPC 26, [2007] 1 AC 508 (" Cambridge Gas ") and his speech in the House of Lords in In re HIH Casualty and General Insurance Ltd.
98) See R v Attorney-General for England and Wales [2003] UKPC 22 and National Commercial Bank (Jamaica) Ltd v.
The UKPC Gaming Championships roll into Glasgow on July 10, offering teams the chance to scoop up pounds 1500-worth of game goodies and the chance to win pounds 10,000 in the grand final in September.
St Catherine's Milling and Lumber Company v The Queen (1888), [1888] UKPC 70, 14 App Cas 46 (JCPC) [St Catherine's Milling] indicating that "the Indian inhabitants" of the Treaty 3 area were not the owners of a fee simple estate in the land and could not convey such an estate to the (federal) Crown by the terms of Treaty 3.
UKPC act on behalf of the Metrocentre to monitor the parking at the mall, which houses hundreds of stores, scores of restaurants and a cinema.
49) Adeyinka Oyekan v Musendiku Adele, [1957] UKPC 13, [1957] 1 WLR 876 at 880, Lord Denning explained that:
See Co-Operative Committee on Japanese Canadians v Canada (AG), [1946] UKPC 48 [Co-Operative Committee on Japanese Canadians], See also Christopher G Anderson, "Review Essay: Immigration, Immigrants, and the Rights of Canadian Citizens in Historical Perspective" (2011) 43 Intl J Can Studies 207; Christopher G Anderson, A Long-Standing Canadian Tradition: Citizenship Revocation and Second-Class Citizenship Under the Liberals, 1993-2006" (2008) 42:3 J Can Studies 80.
34) [1905] AC 176, [1905] UKPC 10 (BAILII) [cited to AC].