UKPIAUnited Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association
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The UKPIA says UK refinery throughput peaked at around 90m tonnes a year in 2000, but this had dwindled to around 80m by 2008.
UKPIA spokesman Nick Vandervell said: "It is a poor commercial environment at the moment - there has been depressed demand caused by the recession and refining capacity under-utilised for a while.
Chris Hunt, director general of UKPIA commented: "The scale of the incident at Buncefield terminal was unprecedented in the UK.
UKPIA has said that its member companies all have well developed health and safety policies and procedures, which the organisation says are constantly under review in the light of new technology, operational experience and the sharing of best practice, both within the industry and with regulatory organisations.
UKPIA Director General Chris Hunt said: "We have had a week's worth of demand in one day.
According to anecdotal evidence from the UKPIA, it is now more expensive to run refineries because of a sharp rise in energy costs.
According to UKPIA, only 58 per cent of the cost of a litre of petrol went to the Treasury ten years ago.