UKPMSUnited Kingdom Pavement Management System
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Lot 4 UKPMS Coarse Visual Inspection Principal Classified Network, ( A-Roads~), Non-Principal Classified Networks ( BC-Roads~) and Unclassified Networks ( U-Roads~) CVI ABCU
Norfolk County Council wishes to enter into a contract to provide a UKPMS Footway Network Survey (FNS) to be carried out strictly by UKPMS accredited surveyors and collected via accredited UKPMS software as in accordance with the national guidelines.
Yotta working alongside FM Conway will complete a number of surveys on behalf of Westminster City Council including a SCRIM (Sideway-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine) survey to provide a measurement of wet skidding resistance, a FNS (Footway Network Survey) survey and the production of UKPMS (UK Pavement Management System) datasets.