UKPSUnited Kingdom Passport Service
UKPSUnited Kingdom Pyrotechnics Society
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UKPS and the DVLA are improving the identity checks they make before issuing passports and driving licences.
The UKPS also advised applicants not to use photographs printed on home printers or to digitally enhance images as the quality may not be high enough.
Usually, UKPS staff's minimum clearance is a counter-terrorist check.
A statement by Siemens Business Services, Adecco and the UKPS said: 'The 12 people were junior support staff and were not directly connected with the passport application process orable to influence applications.
There have been 50 convictions in the UK and 20 deportations as a result, the spokesman said"The UKPS now holds a database of more than 500,000 deceased infants since the 1950s and applications are checked against this," said the spokesman.
The UKPS can be contacted for advice or appointments on 0870 521 0410.
UKPS chief executive Bernard Herdan said: "The increase of pounds 3 is the cost involved in checking entitlement and issuing a passport.
These contingency plans continue to be developed and a number of UKPS staff have been seconded to the CRB to deal with operational issues which have arisen.
UKPS chief executive Bernard Herdan said: ``These new guidelines are an important step in the development of the new biometric e Passport and use of facial recognition technology that will be introduced in 2005 as part of the ongoing fight against fraud and international terrorism.
Mr Herdan said he wants the new system introduced by 2006 but the UKPS has not decided if it will phase it in in stages or move straight to the biometric model.