UKRCUnited Kingdom Register of Counsellors
UKRCUlu Klang Recreational Club (Malaysia)
UKRCUnited Kingdom Resource Centre (est. 2004)
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Visitors to UKRC 2016 will discover Agfa HealthCares Enterprise Imaging platform, which supports value-based care coordination with a broad range of functions that align the enterprise with quality outcomes.
The fact that these women are working below their level of qualification, or are unemployed or inactive, is estimated to cost the economy 2 billion [pounds sterling], says the UKRC.
The UKRC believes that only a concerted effort by the SET industry will break down the gender barriers that exist in these traditionally male dominated environments and we want to be part of a new consensus which creates an inclusive working environment for women.
Ms Sadler's numerous achievements have been recognised both in Wales and nationally, when in 2008 she became UKRC Woman of Outstanding Achievement.
Addressing the conference of teachers and careers advisors on the subject of STEM opportunities and barriers to entry, Jackson announced that EngineeringUK had carried out a recent review of the data relating to women in engineering and technology and identified UKRC research that showed that only 9% of UK engineering professionals are women compared to 18% in Spain, 26% in Sweden and 20% in Italy.
The warning comes from JIVE, a major partnership project led by the UKRC (UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, or SET) that has developed new ways to tackle the issue of the under-employment of women in these industries.
Some employers are leading the way in making these changes and the UKRC is helping to show them the way Those that resist change risk being left behind in the competition for talent.
I do not buy into the arguments attributed to some women engineers and others that the kind of work done by Wise and UKRC is unnecessary and possibly patronising.
At a Labour fringe event, organised by the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (UKRC), Annette Williams of UKRC and Paul Jackson of the Engineering and Technology Board (ETB) discussed the importance of equality in fuelling economic recovery.
Annette Williams, director of the UKRC, lead partner in the JIVE project, said: "The UK cannot afford to waste the talents of half its potential workforce.
Some would argue that organisations such as Wise and the UKRC shouldn't exist at all.
The report, called Under the Microscope, has been commissioned by the UKRC, the Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Techology.