UKSAUnited Kingdom Sailing Academy
UKSAUnited Kingdom Space Agency (Wiltshire, England, UK)
UKSAUnited Kingdom Shareholders Association (est. 1992; UK)
UKSAUnited Kingdom Skateboarding Association (est. 2005)
UKSAUnited Kingdom Statistics Authority
UKSAUnited Kingdom Steel Association
UKSAUnknown Key Share Attack (computer security)
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Those doubts had been heightened by the gap between the police data and the Crime Survey for England and Wales - which is still regarded as solid by UKSA.
The UK Space Agency works primarily with the European Space Agency (ESA) which has an equivalent of the UKSA in 19 countries.
UKSA chairman Sir Michael Scholar said the NHS Information Centre had decided to cut the pounds 300,000 a year it contributes to the compilation of the General Lifestyle Survey by the Office of National Statistics.
For more information about UKSA and the Shareholder Action Groups, contact: Roger Lawson, Communications Director, Email: uksa@uksa.
20 a share, according to UKSA spokesman Roger Lawson.
The UKSA recently pressed the government to return full shareholders' rights to nominee accounts in the company law reform bill.
What's more, Connor is following in the footsteps of his elder brother Jordan, 21, who started the UKSA cadetship in 2010 and has since worked extensively all over Europe on four superyachts as part of the course.
PIBS holders will suffer a massive erosion of their income, with no certainty on the future level, when many purchasers were under the impression that these were fixed interest investments," UKSA said.
UKSA is the leading independent organisation which represents the interests of private shareholders in the United Kingdom.
UKSA members are private shareholders who take an interest in local FTSE-listed companies.
The UKSA said it will meet tomorrow to decide what action they may take and are hoping investors will be able to have their say when the latest Lloyds state rescue comes up for shareholder vote.
A UKSA spokesman said: "The suggestion that the Government will enforce reductions in dividends, or even total suspension which has been suggested in some press reports, will dismay many of our members who rely on such dividends for their retirement income.