UKSCUpper Keys Sailing Club (Key Largo, FL)
UKSCUnited Kingdom Standing Conference on Health Visitor Education
UKSCUnited Kingdom Scientific Centre (Peterlee, England, UK)
UKSCUnited Kingdom SALT (Southern African Large Telescope) Consortium
UKSCUnited Kingdom Sports Council (est. 1996; UK)
UKSCUnited Kingdom Steering Committee (local government pensions; UK)
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RPC UKSC has supplied the blow moulded jar in natural HDPE, which is then capped and decorated by Aimia using a shrink sleeve.
134) R v Governing Body of JFS [2009] UKSC 15 (I have acknowledged above the key differences between the Australian and United Kingdom discrimination legislation regimes).
But the UKSC is happy to admit dogs which cannot claim this authentic lineage and have been bred chiefly for speed.
Sec'y of State for the Home Dep't, [2011] UKSC 4, [23]-[26], [29]-[34] (appeal taken from Eng.
15) Sienkiewicz v Greif, [2011] UKSC 10, [2011] 2 WLR 523 [Sienkiewicz].
RPC UKSC Plenmeller is supplying a blow moulded HDPE jar with an integral vent for Nestle's Nescafe Cappuccino, which has helped the company to minimise packaging materials and streamline logistics while still delivering the product's frothy benefits to European consumers.
Eligible Shareholders may elect for the UKSC Option only in respect
See Smith, [2010] UKSC 29 [56] (deciding whether British soldiers enjoy a right to life under the European Convention of Human Rights).
Principal Reporter v K The Supreme Court Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Rodger, Lady Hale, Lord Kerr and Sir John Dyson, SCJ 15 December 2010, [2010] UKSC 56
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