UKSPAUnited Kingdom Science Park Association
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Como se ha indicado, el espacio fisico disponible, en venta o en arriendo, para el establecimiento de empresas es uno de los tres elementos indispen sables para la conformacion de un PCT (APTE, 2003;AURP, 2011; Castells y Hall, 1994; IASP, 2002; UKSPA, 2011).
More than 100 science, technology parks and innovation centres form the membership of UKSPA.
It really is an honour that UKSPA, the authoritative body on the planning, development and creation of Science Parks, asked NETPark to host the event.
APPLIANCE OF SCIENCE: David Hardman, chairman of UKSPA, Paul Wright, chief executive of UKSPA, and David Grindrod, director of the University of Warwick Science Park
Councillor Timothy Huxtable, Birmingham City Council; Dr David Hardman, Birmingham Science Park Aston; Paul Wright, UKSPA; Latif Horst, Cisco Adrian Gainer, Nightingale Associates; Nigel Shaw, University of Warwick Science Park; Peter Maxwell, Waikato Innovation Park New Zealand; John Sommerville, Creative Places; Steve Moss, UKSPA Dr Malcolm Parry, UKSPA; Richard Ball, Exeter Science Park; George Walker, Pentlands Science Park Lucy Delaney, Keele University Science Park; Tracey Smith, York Science Park; Andrea Bolton, Longbridge Technology Park; Eleanor Watson, Poikos Ltd Ian Morris, Institute of Life Science, Swansea; Mike Day, Institute of Life Science, Swansea; Mark Bowman, Cardiff Medicentre
Yes, the Technium Network and the Cardiff Business Technology are members of UKSPA but they are essentially incubators for businesses rather than what we would normally define as science parks.
We have outstanding facilities for businesses here at Coventry University Technology Park, and we are delighted that we have the opportunity to showcase them at the UKSPA members' meeting.
The UKSPA confirms that science parks encourage the start-up and incubation of knowledge-based businesses, that they provide an environment where larger businesses can develop interactions with centres of knowledge such as universities and higher education institutes.
To mark its 20th anniversary, UKSPA launched its inaugural awards for innovation this year to recognise the accomplishments of the nation's science park movement.