UKUPUnited Kingdom Unionist Party
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The UKUP alternative to a process directed by terrorists is insist on a process controlled exclusively by democrats.
The UKUP offer the pro-Union electorate a constructive alternative to the miserable defeatism of Mr.
The UKUP would actually go down by pounds 3,000 to pounds 27,000 and an unnamed Independent will also get pounds 27,000.
CASH QUESTION: The UUP's David Trimble, top, and UKUP leader `Bob McCartney
UKUP leader Bob McCartney said: "I just cannot believe the absurdity of this.
He is to stand in this month's Assembly elections for the UKUP and wants to be "a voice for the victims''.
In offering candidates in 13 constituencies the UKUP is providing unionists who object to Sinn Fein governing them with an opportunity to vote for an anti-agreement party the UKUP.
The UKUP has actively opposed the new rating system and water charges since they were first mooted in May 2002 as a means of raising revenue.
FORMER UUP man David Hoey, standing for UKUP in South Belfast, said he would rather be a candidate with Bob McCartney than a cheerleader for Ian Paisley.
After UKUP leader Robert McCartney's call for his supporters to back Democratic Unionist candidates, Mr Robinson said: "With the DUP now the mainstream voice of unionism, the UUP has been relegated to the margins.
The seat was won in 1995 by the anti-Agreement Robert McCartney, leader of the UKUP.