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ULAUniversidad de Los Andes
ULAUnited Launch Alliance
ULAUniform Linear Array
ULAUtah Library Association
ULAUnique Local Address
ULAUncommitted Logic Array
ULAUganda Land Alliance
ULAUser Licensing Agreement
ULAUpper Layer Architecture
ULAUniversity of Lapland (Finland)
ULAUpper Latch Auxiliary
ULAunidade de lógica e aritimética (arithmetic logic unit)
ULAUnderwater Location Aid (NASA)
ULAUrban Living Associates
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the wave" - Ula Degusi is the Turkish appellation; but, on its own shores, it is called Bahar Loth, or Almotanah.
ULA tweeted photos Wednesday night of the rocket and the payload verticle on the launch pad prior to the scheduled launch.
In Beit Ula, people buried Mohammad Aqel who was shot and killed at RamallahAaAaAeAcAaAaAeA@1/4AaAaAeAnAaAaAeA s northern entrance known as the DCO after he a stabbed one of the soldiers.
But after arguing that there wasn't enough work to go around, the two companies joined hands and formed ULA, essentially creating a monopoly.
The ULA intends to build upon the review and test key elements of the design, according to the press release.
The Pentagon, backed by ULA and American intelligence agencies, is pushing to change the law, arguing that additional Russian engines will be needed for at least a few more years.
Like other leading edge manufacturers using 3D printing, ULA progressed from prototyping to tooling and then to flight hardware production.
Whereas Beit Ula Municipality in Hebron utilized their grant of USD 120,741 to build 9 classrooms at UNRWA Girls School in Beit Ula in order to mitigate the high density of the classrooms and improve the educational condition for 400 students.
23, SpaceX agreed to terminate the complaint filed against ULA and the USAF, and as a result the deal held up by the challenge will move forward.
This was a critical milestone to ensure all elements are in place to begin the construction as early as this fall to support the Boeing team and crewed launches of CST-100 from SLC-41," said Ellen Plese, director, ULA Human Launch Services.
ve), and the availability of the ULA repository to host our journal Cayapa (www.
Bravo is to be featured in a yet-to-be composed promotional song for the Tamil drama film Ula.