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ULAMUnit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (University of Michigan)
ULAMUpper Limb Activity Monitor (rehabilitation medicine)
ULAMUtah Local Area Model (meteorology; University of Utah)
ULAMUniversal Language Activity Monitor (software)
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In contrast, Ulam [7] configured trees by performing a self-organizing process that forms a branch pattern based on the competition of each individual unit in the space where the branch survives.
Saucy Asado' products manufactured by Ulam King, Philippines, were found to contain horse meat and pork.
The stability problem for functional equations first was planed in 1940 by Ulam [27]:
a provider of network visibility and security intelligence, named Jim Ulam general counsel and corporate secretary.
They were developed by John von Neumann, Stanislaw Ulam and Nicholas Metropolis during the Manhattan Project.
The name was coined in the 1940s by John von Neumann, Stanislaw Ulam and Nicholas Metropolis while they were working on the Manhattan nuclear weapon projects in the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
He cites historian Adam Ulam as stating that Stalin "had great respect for the United States' vast economic and hence military potential, quite apart from the bomb.
Colleagues like John von Neumann, Stanislaw Ulam, and Werner von Braun, all of whom showed their expertise in creating the atomic bomb and exploring new theories of physics, would be at the top of his recruitment list.
Since its inception, ULAM has been utilized to characterize coating composition as a function of depth, (11-14) determine the chemistry of adhesion at buried interfaces, (15-18) as well as measure the migration of additives in and between layers in paint systems.