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ULAMUnit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (University of Michigan)
ULAMUpper Limb Activity Monitor (rehabilitation medicine)
ULAMUtah Local Area Model (meteorology; University of Utah)
ULAMUniversal Language Activity Monitor (software)
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Taking into consideration a lot of inuence of Ulam, Hyers and Rassias on the development of stability problems of functional equations, the stability phenomenon that was proved by Th.
Rassias [7] solved the above Ulam problem for Jensen and Jensen type mappings.
Yet in the post war project to develop the H-bombs, Dr Stanislaw Ulam proved a match for the "thinking machines".
Rebecca Ulam Weiner, "Sheep in Wolves' Clothing," Legal Affairs, 5 (January/February 2006), http://www.
Set 80,000 years ago, it starts with the cave-dwelling Ulam tribe being attacked by the even more primitive Wagabu who steal their victim's most precious possession, fire.
Top scientists working on the atomic program were led by Oppensheimer and included Hans Bethe, Leo Szilard, Richard Feynman, Stanislaus Ulam and many others.
Lenin emerges as a fury: "Civil war became inevitable when Lenin took power"; he was a man, in the words of Adam Ulam, "at once childish and nightmarish"; his policies in 1918-1921 resulted in "the obliteration of [Russia's] industrial base and the worst famine in European history.
Once the reader catches the wave, more of the same is available in StoryMaze II: The Eye of Ulam, StoryMaze III: The Wooden Cow, and StoryMaze IV: The Golden Udder.
These include markers of foreground temporal sequencing such as basof `in the end'; background temporal anchoring such as be exad ha yamim `in one of the days'; and nontemporal markers such as ulam `however'.
Adam Ulam, The New Face of Soviet Totalitarianism (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1963); and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel P.
Most current European constitutions, however, were drafted much later and were influenced by the socialist ideas that arose in the nineteenth century (see Beer and Ulam [1973]).
Hence his chagrin at the fact that the conceptual break-through that made the (American) thermonuclear weapon possible has always been attributed to him and Stanislaw Ulam jointly.