ULC2Unit-level Command and Control (DoD)
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The Mobile ULC2 Alliance believes that the SEP will remove the affordability barrier in offering the lowest BOM costs, which incorporates high end functions such as email, localised services and IM.
Volume manufacturing of ultra low-cost mobile phones based on Infineon's current ULC1 (ultra low-cost, first generation) platform with the E-GOLDradio chip has been underway for several months now, and preparations are now in progress for production using the ULC2 (second generation) platform centered on the E-GOLDvoice chip.
Also earlier during the first quarter of 2007, Infineon Technologies and Nokia announced that Nokia would begin to use Infineon's ULC2 reference platform (incorporating the CEVA-TeakLite DSP) in their low cost handsets targeted for the emerging economies of India and China.