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ULDUnabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein (Germany, Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein)
ULDUnit Load Device (shipping)
ULDUlduar (World of Warcraft)
ULDUnited Liberal Democrats (South Korea)
ULDUpper Limb Disorder
ULDUpper Level Discriminator
ULDUniversal Language Dictionary
ULDUniversal Lead Definition
ULDUniversitarios Liberal Demócratas (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
ULDUnlimited Distribution
ULDUnlimited Drifting (Forza 3 gaming team)
ULDUnit-Liter Dose
ULDUnderwater Locator Device (aviation)
ULDUnit Load Demand
ULDUrban Landscape Dynamics (degree program)
ULDUtilityLine Diagram
ULDUrban Land Development
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Chep Aerospace Solutions president, Dr Ludwig Bertsch, said: "Following our recent ULD management contract win with Cathay Pacific and retaining ULD repairs for American Airlines as subcontractor to their recently announced ULD outsourcing arrangement, we are very pleased that the great momentum continues and Singapore Airlines Cargo has selected Chep to maintain and repair its global fleet of ULDs.
It employs technologies including barcode scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) using the mobile device's built-in camera and has the ability to capture geospatial data on the position of ULDs via location-based services.
Compared to the traditional double-width ULDs which typically weigh in at 196 kilograms, the new ALF model is almost 34 per cent lighter at 130 kilograms, a saving of 66 kilograms per unit, and a potential weight saving of 116 kilogrammes 
per flight.
AmSafe and Hoffmann ACE have been leading contributors to improving standards within the ULD industry and innovators in developing lightweight textile product solutions.
The two companies issued a statement saying the agreement terms: "provide Swiss WorldCargo with significantly enhanced flexibility to adapt the ULD fleet size to demand.
The NCNP has 105 and the ULD has 54 seats in the 299-member unicameral legislature.
We are pleased to have been able to develop this mobile software which is the first ULD management app officially launched in the market and offered in the app stores.
The aim of the orders of ULD is to finally bring about a legal clarification of who is responsible for Facebook and to what this company is bound to.
The first was manufactured from a carbon fibre composite called Dyneema, which, the company says, gives the unit the relatively light weight of 1471b (67kg) as opposed to 176-1801b (80-82kg) of a conventional ULD.
Major ground transportation and freight forwarders have just begun to witness the first-hand operational advantages of integrating the Mark 21 Twin Roller trailer system to move their ULD air freight cargo containers and palletized freight.
ULD intends to develop the newly acquired plot into 10-dunum lots to be sold individually.
IT WO ULD be a shame if Gibson House memorial home,Seab ank Road,Wa llasey, is demolished in the same way as the nearby Mariner's HomeClock was.