ULEVUltra-Low-Emissions Vehicle
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The first vehicle (Vehicle 1) tested was a light duty truck, with a direct injection gasoline engine, and a ULEV emission classification.
As registrations of all fully electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles continue to soar, uptake of particular makes and model of ULEV has also increased among drivers who have made the switch to electric power.
This announcement demonstrates the government's commitment to supporting the growth of the ULEV market.
There are now more than 17,000 grant-funded Ultra Low Emission Vehicles or ULEVs on the UK's roads.
The VES would have a cost ceiling in the form of either a per-vehicle fine for noncompliance ($5,000 in California) of a price ceiling for ULEV and ZEV trading certificates, which manufacturers would be encouraged to develop as a flexibility mechanism for ensuring that they collectively reach the target at the lowest possible cost.
For example, the Honda Accord is rated in three categories (LEV, ULEV, and SULEV) depending on engine size and features.
LEV was followed first by ULEV (ultra-low-emissions vehicle), which applies to tailpipe emissions for 1997-2003 cars.
7-liter V-8 engine in the CNG-powered muscle car would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 25% versus a conventionally powered counterpart and would meet the California ULEV standard.
Consumers in California currently are buying both TLEVs and LEVs, as well as a Honda ULEV.
In 1993 the big three said we cannot get to ULEV (ultra- low emission vehicles) with an internal combustion engine," says Sheila Lynch, executive director of the Northeast Alternative Vehicles Consortium.
Gasoline ULEV includes evaporative, running loss, and marketing emissions with deterioration
A new hybrid vehicle emission standard has been proposed that fits between the ULEV and ZEV categories.