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ULPAUltra-Low Particulate Air
ULPAUltra Low Penetration Air (filter)
ULPAUniform Limited Partnership Act
ULPAUnited Lightning Protection Association
ULPAUltra Pure Air
ULPAUltra Light Particle Arrester
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The author has been unable to identify how creditors of "special partners" (as limited partners were then referred to under the New York LPA and its progeny) were treated prior to the adoption of the ULPA in 1916.
2, Method of Testing General Ventilation Air-Cleaning Devices for Removal Efficiency by Particle Size defines MERV 1 through 16, while MERV 17 through 20 (HEPA and ULPA filters) is in the purview of IEST Recommended Practices IEST-RP-CC001.
Through the high mechanical strength, HEPA and ULPA filters with NELIOR Filtration Technology offer a significant improvement opportunity for reliable process conditions and reducing failure and recovery costs.
Smoke evacuation units should be triple filtered consisting of a pre filter, ULPA filter, and a third charcoal filter.
ULPA is modeled after right-to-farm laws but is limited to providing protection against nuisance lawsuits involving undeveloped lands.
An optional grounded HEPA or ULPA filter enables it to collect and retain ultra-fine particles.
Two models are available: For operations generating high surgical smoke volumes, the PLUME-INATOR[R] quietly provides maximum plume removal with an easily replaceable VLSI-grade ULPA filter for particle removal to 0.
The ULPA originally dates back to 1916, and since that time has set the standard for limited partnership law in this country.
C Bionaire purifiers use an ULPA filter (about $200).
A new series of fan/filter units has been added to the MicroPleat line of HEPA and ULPA products.
As a result, the biggest change in vacuum-cleaner filtration these days may turn out not to involve HEPA or ULPA, but ASTM and CRI.
Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) or the newer ULPA (ultra low penetration air) filter.