ULPIUtmi+ Low Pin Interface (12-pin interface standard for connecting USB core logic to a USB transceiver)
ULPIUnited Lebanese Plastic Industries
ULPIUrban Land Price Index (Japan)
ULPIUnit Level Prototype Implementation
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The proposed tobacco farms eyed by ULPI are in the villages of Sucsuquen, Tanggawan, Sta.
0 transceiver family provides a cost effective solution that manages the latest industry standard battery charging requirements for portable devices in a production proven ULPI transceiver design.
The USB331x family of Hi-Speed USB ULPI transceivers, including the USB3311, USB3315, USB3316, USB3317, USB3318 and USB3319, are well-suited for portable applications where board space and power consumption are critical, such as cell phones or personal media players.
The USB331x transceiver family features a high-performance "wrapperless" ULPI design that easily integrates into SoC reference designs.
NXP's family of new generation ULPI Hi-Speed USB transceivers contains four members - ISP1504x1, ISP1508, ISP1702 and ISP1703, all of which are fully compliant with industry specifications, including ULPI Rev.
This initial range of second-generation ULPI transceivers have host, peripheral and OTG functions.
The ULPI Working Group today announced the first public availability of the UTMI+ low-pin interface (ULPI) industry specification for Hi-Speed Universal Serial Bus (USB) and USB On-the-Go (OTG) transceiver chips.
The ULPI Working Group is made up of USB industry leaders, including Conexant, Mentor Graphics, Philips, SMSC and TransDimension Inc.
In line with the availability of the UTMI+ low-pin interface (ULPI) industry specification for Hi-Speed Universal Serial Bus (USB) and USB On-The-Go (OTG) transceiver chips, SMSC (Nasdaq: SMSC) today announced its support of the royalty-free ULPI specification through the availability of the Company's USB3300 ULPI stand-alone peripheral, embedded host or On The Go (OTG) transceiver.
The ULPI specification improves on the legacy UTMI+ controller/PHY interface by dramatically reducing the pin count necessary to incorporate Hi-Speed USB in consumer electronics products.
ULPI is a new interface standard for hi-speed USB IP systems designed to reduce the pin count of discrete hi-speed USB physical interfaces (PHYs).
Mentor is a major contributor to the ULPI specification and supports the new ULPI interface standard with a wrapper for its hi-speed USB OTG cores.