ULSACUniversity of London Sub-Aqua Club (UK)
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With the fabrication and testing of demonstration hardware, the ULSAC project is nearly complete.
The validation phase of the ULSAC project seeks not only to validate the design, but to demonstrate manufacturing feasibility.
A comprehensive discussion of this information is available in ULSAC Technical Transfer Dispatch #1 on http://www.
Steel sheet producers are aggressively defending their share of curb weight through programs such as UltraLight Steel Auto Body (ULSAB), ULSAC (closures), ULSAS (suspensions), Light Truck Structure study (LTS), participation in the Auto/Steel Partnership and unremitting improvements in our material and its applications," said Martin.
Like ULSAB, the ULSAC study provides concepts and techniques that automakers could use immediately in their next generation vehicles and fabricate with current and affordable materials and manufacturing processes.
An economic analysis included in the study shows that by using ULSAC design concepts, automakers could reap steel's environmental and performance benefits at little or no increase in cost, compared with conventional closures and those made with other materials.