ULSDUltra-Low Sulfur Diesel
ULSDUniversity of Louisville School of Dentistry (Louisville, KY)
ULSDUnited List of Social Democrats (Slovenia)
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7, 2014, it wanted to buy two 300,000-barrel cargoes of ULSD plus another six 300,000-barrel cargoes of gasoline, a fuel it rarely buys overseas, for delivery in a week's time.
CleanBoost Silver will add lubricity to ULSD fuels and help protect fuel systems and injectors from the damage caused by today's low sulfur fuels.
All off-highway diesel-powered machines, including older legacy or vintage agricultural and construction vehicles, have been using this new formulation of ULSD.
Plus, CHS wanted to provide the right fuel products for engines that need ULSD, so we could position our dealers ahead of the competition.
The destination curbs and limited demand in Latin America have compelled PDVSA to send surplus ULSD and gasoline to Europe, a market over-supplied with these fuels at a time when the US Gulf Coast remains acutely short of oil products following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
transportation conference where he learned that the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) had already conducted a project demonstrating ULSD and filters on its diesel buses--with great success.
A major advantage in using ULSD fuel is the ease in converting a facility and its fleet without significant capital outlay.
The diesel version - ULSD - is already widely available across Britain.
To keep in synch with best practices in the industry, ULSD eliminated paper-based record-keeping several years ago and implemented chair-side access to electronic medical records (EMRs).
3 mbpd domestic refining capacity out of order, PDVSA is asking several trading firms to submit offers for up to three gasoline RON 95 cargoes, three gasoline RON 91 cargoes and two ULSD cargoes.
During the meeting, attendees drew up a roadmap for collective action to promote and enforce ULSD usage in the UAE.
ULSD is diesel fuel with 15 parts per million or lower sulfur content.