ULSDUltra-Low Sulfur Diesel
ULSDUniversity of Louisville School of Dentistry (Louisville, KY)
ULSDUnited List of Social Democrats (Slovenia)
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Also, consistent exposure to high temperatures will result in oxidation of the fuel, while the components in some formulations of ULSD will age quicker naturally.
For this study, emissions and fuel economy measurements with HVO blends are compared to a typical on-road CARB ULSD fuel and a biodiesel blend of 20 % by volume.
7, 2014, it wanted to buy two 300,000-barrel cargoes of ULSD plus another six 300,000-barrel cargoes of gasoline, a fuel it rarely buys overseas, for delivery in a week's time.
Previously, the year high was seen at w195 in March on the Usma, which was put on subs by BP for a 40,000 mt ULSD Primorsk-UKC stem.
Plus, CHS wanted to provide the right fuel products for engines that need ULSD, so we could position our dealers ahead of the competition.
At the top of the list of concerns will be limited output from refineries, the pending ULSD mandate, and the effect of diesel prices on costs during the busy shipping season throughout the second half of the year.
ULSD could add between 5 cents and 13 cents to the cost of producing and distributing on-road diesel fuel, according to the ATA.
In short, government fleets intending to purchase on-highway diesel-powered vehicles in 2007 and beyond must transition to ULSD and budget for higher costs for fuel, capital, and fleet operations in general.
The ULSD, with a maximum sulphur content of 50ppm, meets the Europe Union's strict sulphur specifications.
According to ATA, as the nation transitions to ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) in 2006, biodiesel is expected to help ensure that ULSD maintains adequate lubrication.
The day after the MBTA switched 40% of its buses (nearly 400) to ULSD it was spewing measurably less toxic and carcinogenic soot [diesel particulate matter, or DPM] into the air.
Fuel consumption improvement of up to one per cent is also promised from new fuel, which is 95 per cent ULSD and five per cent rapeseed oil.