ULWCUltra-Light Weight Coated (paper)
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It is easy to retain and reduces print-through in ULWC and uncoated groundwood grades.
Production of ULWC grades uses the same coating equipment as conventionally coated paper.
The coating technology for ULWC requires low solids since the coat weights tend to be low," continued Kotoye.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, sees the ULWC challenge as filler synergy and coating coverage.
Engineering a high quality ULWC sheet involves a carefully tested and proven formulation of performance pigments, binders, and additives according to Robin McCann, marketing director, Rohm-Nova LLC.
When PM4 is completed and the dust has settled (and been carefully cleaned-up) after its start-up stage, Kruger will emerge as the second largest ULWC manufacturer in North America.
ULWC grades are added-value coated groundwood grades that provide publishers with a way to minimize the impact of continuous postal rate increases while delivering a published product with outstanding printability, ink holdout, and opacity.
PM4 will produce 200,000 metric tons (220,000 short tons) of LWC and ULWC paper annually in addition to Wayagamack PM2 and PM3, which annually produce 134,000 metric tons of uncoated groundwood specialty grades.
With the addition of PM4, the pulp mill required modifications to its process to produce pulp with brightness, consistency, and volume to manufacture LWC and ULWC grades.