ULXUltraluminous X-Ray (astronomy)
ULXUtah Lindy Exchange
ULXUltimate LAN (Local Area Network) Experience (gaming center)
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In the new study, titled Magnetic field strength of a neutron-star-powered ultraluminous X-ray source, the researchers looked at a ULX in the Whirlpool galaxy, also known as M51, which lies about 28 million light-years away.
ULX, or ultraluminous X-ray sources, are objects that give off hundreds to thousands of times more X-rays than typical binary systems where a star is orbiting a black hole or neutron star.
The object X-1, indicated by the arrow, is surrounded by a nebula (colored in red), which is most likely the gas heated by strong radiation from the ULX.
The more surprising result comes from Matteo Bachetti (University of Toulouse, France) and colleagues, who detected pulsations from another ULX in the galaxy M82, proving it's not a black hole at all, but a pulsar.
X-ray telescopes have shown how many nearby galaxies host ULXs, which can be bright enough to outshine an entire galaxy.
In addition to its efficient cooling design, the ULX with PowerSmart 3D design enhances serviceability through commonality in spare parts and a modular, hot-swappable design for module and power supply replacement--all adding up to the lowest total cost of ownership for Kuwait Television.
The intriguing new ULX is located in M83, a spiral galaxy about 15 million light years from Earth, discovered in 2010 with Chandra.
The ULX in Andromeda flared up because of the black hole's voracious appetite for new material.
Maxiva ULX transmitters are equipped with the Harris Apex M2X exciter, which enables analogue broadcasters the transition to digital via a simple software update.
Follow-up observations with the Swift and HST satellites yielded important complementary data, proving that it not only is the first ULX in Andromeda but also the closest ULX ever observed.