ULYPUrban League Young Professionals
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ULYP now operates a wide range of programs serving the Lebanese, Palestinians, Syrians, and Iraqis, both in refugee camps and at its 24,000 square meter campus in Debbieh, which includes facilities for music, art, sports, and IT.
They are then matched with donors for scholarships and financial aid secured by ULYP.
ULYP continues its support after graduation, helping students pursue further education and employment in Lebanon and abroad.
Without ULYP I wouldn't have entered university -- I had no ability to pay for the tuition," he said.
The first starts in 10th grade, where the top achievers join the ULYP.
This translates into developing programs that sustain the impact of our intervention with all our beneficiaries, broadening the horizon of our services and positioning ULYP as a center of education for change.
ULYP is only one of a number of scholarships available to study at universities open to Palestinians in Lebanon.