UM2Université Montpellier 2
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The control unit is responsible for scheduling the data flow as follows: the UF1 processes the input image along the rows and generates the intermediate images FH and FL, these sub images are stored in UM1 and UM2 for be carried out to UF2 and UF3 where images are processed by columns, in UF2 the coefficients of the FHL, FHH sub images are generated while in UF3 both FLL and FLH are provided.
As mentioned in the previous section, the memory units store the data obtained from the processing, the UM1 and UM2 units store the results of the transformation along the rows (FL, FH).
V) declared on Monday that normal work and operations have resumed at Bokoni Platinum Mine's UM2 shaft on 30 August 2013.
According to the company, the Department of Mineral Resources of South Africa has lifted the section 54 work stoppage order at Bokoni Platinum Mine's UM2 shaft.
82 UM1 UM2 UM3 UM4 Union Management Relationship Items F6 PJ1 PJ2 PJ3 PJ4 PJ5 PJ6 LMX1 LMX2 LMX3 LMX4 LMX5 LMX6 LMX7 AC1 AC2 AC3 JS1 JS2 JS3 UC1 UC2 UC3 UM1 0.
UM2 will provide direct benefits to international truck drivers and hauliers with valuable and reliable information about travel conditions as well as route recommendations.
Entre UM1 y UM2 se observa muy baja correlacion en Carabelli, en el metaconulo y en el numero de cuspides; baja en el hipocono y en la cuspide 7; moderada en el pliegue acodado; y alta en el protostilido, en el patron cuspideo y en la cuspide 6.
Cryptococcus neoformans (Cn) and Cryptococcus gattii (Cg) strains used in this study for standardization of reagents * Strain identity Variety/species Mating type H99 (NYSD 1649) CnVG [alpha] KN99[alpha] CnVG [alpha] KN99a CnVG a IUM96-2828 CnVG a NIH12 (ATCC 28959) CnVN [alpha] JEC21 CnVN [alpha] JEC20 CnVN a NIH430 (ATCC 28958) CnVN a NIH433 (ATCC 34875) CnVN a NIH444 (ATCC 32609) Cg [alpha] NIH191 (ATCC 32608) Cg a NIH198 Cg a WM0135 Cg a WM-138 Cg a UM2 Hybrid (A/D) [alpha]/a UM8 Hybrid (A/D) [alpha]/a Strain identity Source H99 (NYSD 1649) New York State Herbarium, Albany, NY KN99[alpha] J.
Thin sections were cut on a Reicherr UM2 ultramicrotome and stained with uranyl acetate and lead citrate.
Courtesy, installation and maintenance of mobile units UM1, UM2 and UM3 monitoring of air pollution of the Provincial de Barcelona.