UMIDUnique Material Identifier (SMPTE)
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However, Diokno said the UMID only covers less than 20 percent of the population since the start of its implementation and enrollment process in 2010.
2017, the Commission approved the reduction of the cost of UMID card replacement since the cost of data capture service as well as the card production with the ID card provider were also reduced.
2017, the commission approved the reduction of the UMID card replacement fee since the cost of data capture service as well as the card production with the ID card provider, were also reduced.
Na polpa, o teor medio de umidade (UMID) variou de 25,21% (populacao de Timon-MA) a 37,91% (populacao de Afonso Cunha-MA), enquanto na amendoa a variacao foi de 47,62% (populacao de Jose de Freitas) a 53,21% (populacao de Alto LongaPI), bem mais elevado, portanto, que a UMID da polpa.
The new UMID mbook will come pre-loaded with LogMeIn Ignition, available for purchase in a discounted bundle with LogMeIn Pro2.
UMID will foster cross-disciplinary educational and training opportunities.
The chairperson of UMID is a woman doctor who provides women clinical care.
In the current UMID system, groups such as the self-employed, the unemployed, minors, and those working abroad have not been enrolled,' it noted.
The system uses biometric technology to confirm a person's identity and prevent issuance of multiple UMID cards that may be used to defraud SSS of undeserved benefits and services," SSS said.
The SSS has received reports that text messages from unknown senders have been sent to members, offering assistance for speeding up the processing of their UMID card applications in exchange for P100 or any amount as fee,' the SSS said in a statement.
The cash benefit will be automatically credited to the accounts of qualified GSIS members through their GSIS eCards or UMID cards from December 17 to 21, 2013.
It questioned the firm's qualification for the SSS UMID bidding, stating that an Indian court has blacklisted the firm.