UMMPUniversity of Michigan Museum of Paleontology
UMMPUnion of Medical Marijuana Patients (Los Angeles, CA)
UMMPUniversity Minority Mentor Program
UMMPUpper Merrimack Monitoring Program
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One tooth, UMMP 26864, on the surface of a peat bog.
Part of the palate with second and third molars, UMMP 27730.
Part of skull and most of the skeleton, UMMP 23498, at a depth of 6 or 7 feet in marl.
Part of right ramus of lower jaw with six teeth, UMMP 34127, in a drainage ditch.
Base of skull, lower jaw, several teeth, one tusk in poor condition, scapula, humerus, ulna, foot bones, ribs, and vertebrae, UMMP 3483, in a county drainage ditch.
A lower jaw with two teeth, UMMP 22798, was found one mile north of Assyria, in Barry County.
These skeletal elements are now at UMMP under study, but the final depository has not been determined.
Material: tibia, fibula, astragulus, calcaneum, tarsals, metatarsals, vertebrae, three ribs, and part of a scapula (UMMP 37169) collected in 1872 by Orman Tuttle and donated to UMMP in 1960.