UMMSUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School (North Worcester, Massachusetts)
UMMSUniversity of Maryland Medical System
UMMSUniversity of Minnesota Medical School (Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN)
UMMSUnited Methodist Missionary Society
UMMSUnit Maintenance Management System (military; UK)
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The clinical study at UMMS plans to enroll 30 diabetic patients who are being treated for foot ulcers at the medical center's wound clinic.
Institutional repository librarian Lisa Palmer says, "The dean of the UMMS Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences expressed interest in digitizing the school's 300 dissertations and making them available on the internet.
We believe that over time, a majority of these lines will be made available to the research community through the UMMS Human Stem Cell Bank.
will be the Principal Investigators at UMMS leading this project.
Customizations were necessary to fully describe the dissertations and incorporated features such as the activation of live link functionality in fields where uniform resource locators (URLs) might be included, the addition of a field to record authors' UMMS departmental affiliations, and the accommodation of Medical Subject Headings by changing the field delimiter from a comma to a semicolon.
The collaboration will combine LYSOGENE's outstanding translational and clinical expertise in gene therapy for CNS disorders with the unique preclinical expertise and infrastructure of UMMS and AU to design and test innovative AAV-based gene therapy approaches to treat GM1-gangliosidosis,'' the release stated.
Yunsheng Ma, associate professor of medicine, who with UMMS colleagues analyzed data from the landmark Women's Health Initiative (WHI), said.
CytRx has previously announced that a novel polyvalent HIV DNA + protein vaccine exclusively licensed to CytRx and developed by researchers at UMMS and Advanced BioScience Laboratories, and funded by the National Institutes of Health, demonstrated very promising interim Phase I clinical trial results that indicate its ability to produce potent antibody responses with neutralizing activity against multiple HIV viral strains.
According to UMMS, the medical school estimated it will receive $400,000 worth of credits on its bill, in the form of excess electricity paid back to the grid, for each year it receives electricity from the project.