UMVDUniversal Music & Video Distribution
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Retailers can order Moviso prepaid ringtone cards from Mike Davis at UMVD, (818) 777-4120, mike.
Beyond Music's first release through UMVD will be music's first females of rock -- the Go-Go's highly anticipated, all-new studio album in 17 years, titled "God Bless the Go-Go's," which will be released on May 15, 2001.
The distribution agreement, effective May 1, 2001, gives UMVD sales and distribution rights within the United States for all of Beyond Music's upcoming releases and catalogs.
Allen and his team at Beyond are pros, and we at UMVD are looking forward to our new business relationship.
In addition, Kovac said: "Jim Urie has built a marketing company through UMVD that will help us empower our artists to reach their audience as effectively as possible.
The suit, filed coincidentally, with UMVD being merged with the French Media conglomerate, Vivendi, states that UMVD has unjustly accused MCM of violating it's street-date strictures on new releases.
The complaint argues that UMVD unevenly enforces it's own policies by allowing Canadian wholesalers an unfair advantage, by allowing them to jump street date.
market price and ship to MCM's customers for delivery well before the street date requirements imposed by UMVD on MCM, placed an order with UMVD for a potential big item that was released in the last quarter of 2000.
MCM seeks to enjoin UMVD from engaging in such deleterious practices and further seeks $10 Million in actual damages and $30 Million in punitive damages.
An aggressive advertising and publicity campaign is being implemented by the Island Def Jam Music Group and by UMVD (Universal Music and Video Distribution) to inform Etheridge's loyal fan base and the general public about this special limited edition package.