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UMWAUnited Mine Workers of America (aka United Mine Workers Association)
UMWAUganda Media Women's Association (est. 1983)
UMWAUnited Muslim Women's Association
UMWAUpper Mississippi Waterways Association
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More than 100 people died in the battle, and UMWA leaders were tried for treason by the state.
Smith had come to the area posing as a UMWA member on the day of the incident, and was able to identify several accused as planning to attack arriving National Guard troops.
In 1906 the Lethbridge miners had been without a union for four years and, because of fear of company reprisals and doubts about American control of the union, it took the UMWA some effort to convince them to join.
The UMWA Fund would change permanently health care delivery in the coalfields of the nation.
Blatz's impressive use of government documents, newspaper accounts, and UMWA records at the national, district, and local levels provides a very detailed view of the union in the anthracite region "'from the top down' as far as I could go" (p.
The UMWA index was applied to the 1981 base year to compute the "but for" price.
Examining the UMWA cost-sharing experience from this perspective is relevant to current policy problems.
In explaining the contract, UMWA officials claimed these provisions will allow the company to add more miners and improve job security for union members.
Mike Dalpiaz, UMWA International District 22 Vice President, said that, "I am pleased that we could sit down with Westmoreland and work out an agreement for our members at the Kemmerer mine three months early.
Senator Manchin said in part: If we do not act immediately, the insolvency of the UMWA Pension Fund will be followed by the insolvency of other multiemployer pension plans, including the Central States Pension Funds, which covers more than 400,000 people and is projected to become insolvent in 2025.
Only, they won't belong to the UMWA anymore, Harsey said.
About 1,500 UMWA members are employed at the West Virginia mines, another 200 or so at the Powhatan No.