UNAMIDUnited Nations - African Union Mission in Darfur
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UNAMID stated that it has intensified its presence and patrols at the area and transported officials of Darfur Regional Authority to Deain town to help ending the hostilities.
On November 9th, a UNAMID verification team investigated the rape allegations in Tabit and said it found no evidence proving the rape claims.
Tegani Sessi received, at his office, Wednesday, the Deputy Joint Representative of the UNAMID ion the expiry of her term of office in the countr .
Village community leaders reiterated to UNAMID that they coexist peacefully with local military authorities in the area.
This was expressed by the acting Wali (governor) of North Darfur State and Urban Planning Minister, Al-Fateh Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Nabi, when he received Monday the Chairman of UNAMID in North Darfur, Ambassador Hassan Djibril.
The governor of South Darfur state, Adam Jar al-Nabi, on Tuesday discussed with the acting head of UNAMID, Abiodun Bashua, ways for strengthening joint cooperation between the two sides to achieve stability and return the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to their original villages and provide services for them.
The conclusion of the UNAMID "investigation" is a travesty, a transparent capitulation before the show Khartoum ordered to be prepared for investigators when they finally arrived in Tabit.
Female soldiers serving with the UNAMID wait to lay wreaths of flowers at a memorial in a camp in El Fasher May 29, 2008, on U.
Ismail appreciated the efforts of UNAMID to settle the issue of Darfur by peaceful means, and affirmed the government readiness to cooperate and to coordinate with UNAMID in order to achieve a lasting solution for Darfur issue
He explained that the new head of UNAMID will introduce himself to government officials in order to facilitate interaction between the two parties.
At a meeting Tuesday at the Foreign Ministry with the editors in Chief of newspapers and leaders of the mass media, Ambassador Al-Azraq said that Ali Karti has discussed the strategy of the UNAMID departure with the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, three years ago and in other occasions, the last of them was meetings of the current session of the United Nations.
About 50 UNAMID members have now died in hostile action since the mission began five years ago, but UN sources say they are unaware of anyone having been held accountable.