UNAMIRUnited Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda
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Only New Zealand suggested that UNAMIR be expanded and have its mission changed to help protect civilians.
It is estimated that the actions of the UNAMIR mission succeeded in saving the lives of several thousand Rwandans.
Diferentes misiones de la ONU han sido destacadas sobre el terreno en diferentes periodos, pero todas ellas han provocado controversia y han resuelto bastante poco de lo que se proponian, como es el caso de UNAMIR.
The downsizing impact, though, was that it "jeopardized other Tutsi by giving them a false sense of security" (28) and also endangered the retreating UNAMIR I troops, since according to Dallaire, "the arrival of French troops led the RPF to retaliate against the UN.
See FRED GRUNFELD & ANKE HUIJBOOM, THE FAILURE TO PREVENT GENOCIDE IN RWANDA: THE ROLE OF BYSTANDERS 217 (2007) (asserting that the withdrawal of UNAMIR I "facilitated the genocide"); Ervin Staub, The Psychology of Bystanders, Perpetrators, and Heroic Helpers, 17 INT'L J.
The film covers the early days of the events when UNAMIR troops were positioned at the Ecole Technique Officielle, a sanctuary to some 2000 Rwandans, outside the gates of which the Interahamwe kept constant watch.
33) En viada bajo el capitulo VI de la Carta, el mandato no incluia ninguna clausula que permitiera a la UNAMIR intervenir para frenar la violencia cotidiana contra los civiles ni sobre el desarme y la desmovilizacion.
We are given a taste of the impact that the failed UNAMIR mission had on Dallaire when he writes the following in his new book: "the smells, the sights, the terrible sounds of the dying in Rwanda have been damped down in my psyche to a dull roar through constant therapy and an unrelenting regimen of medication.
96) Shortly after genocidal violence erupted in early April 1994, the Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 912, which infamously reduced UNAMIR forces from 2,500 to 270 troops.
29) Sin pretender ser una lista completa, cabe mencionar: GANUPT en Namibia (1989/90); APRONUC en Camboya (1992193); ONUMOZ en Mozambique (1992/94), ONUSOM 11 en Somalia (1993195);UNMIH (1993), UNSMIH, UNTMIH (1997), MIPONUH (1998) y MINUSTAH (a partir del 30 de abril de 2004) en Haiti; UNAMIR en Rwanda (1993196); UNMOT en Tayikistan (1994/2000); UNOSAL en El Salvador (1991/95); UNOMIL.