UNAVCOUniversity NAVSTAR Consortium
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UNAVCO collects, stores, and makes available terabytes of data including global position, global satellite, synthetic aperture radar, terrestrial laser scanning, airborne laser scanning, borehole strain and seismic data, tilt and pore pressure temperature data, laser strain data, and meteorological data.
We look forward to providing UNAVCO the highest level of services and support they expect and need for their clients.
UNAVCO also works with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
As a result of an agreement between UNAVCO and CENIC, some of the strainmeters and GPS stations in California will connect through various CalREN K-12 node sites and their data transmitted over CalREN to the UNAVCO data archives in Boulder, CO.
Kyle Bohnenstiehl, PBO Site Permit Coordinator, comments that, "EarthScope and UNAVCO are very excited about being able to use local California K-12 schools, which are home to 4 sites so far, to not only host the stations but relay this important data back to scientists using the CENIC Internet2 connection.
After the instruments' data has been collected at UNAVCO's Boulder site, UNAVCO will work with a peer organization of CENIC, the FrontRange GigaPoP in Colorado, to achieve connectivity with Internet2 by June 2006.
UNAVCO is a consortium of research institutions, and its mission is to support and promote Earth science by advancing high-precision techniques for the measurement and understanding of deformation.
UNAVCO is the only group of research institutions using the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System satellites for precise surveying and other scientific applications.