UNC-CHUniversity of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
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Due to the collaboration between Shaw and UNC-CH, an independent and functional Center for Survey Research has been established at Shaw and has been key in the development of research designs and instruments for many IHSCR related health disparity research studies and projects by outside clients.
Ivan Rusyn, an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at UNC-CH, and a TRC grantee, agrees that standardization is a crucial step forward for toxicogenomics.
UNC-CH is LODESTAR's first client in the education market.
In the cases of UNC-CH and North Carolina State, the gains in academic strength were made possible by significant public investments and budgetary support in an otherwise fiscally conservative and poor state, and predicated on the belief among leaders of the state that there was a linkage between the strengthening of the research universities and the long-term economic health of the region and the state.
On July 10, a group of conservative UNC-CH students, calling themselves the Committee for a Better Carolina, held a press conference, along with a handful of rightwing state legislators, to denounce Nickel and Dimed as a "classic Marxist rant" and a work of "intellectual pornography with no redeeming characteristics.
After he settled in at UNC-CH, we met regularly for lunch, each of us readied with a written agenda and handouts.
Murray, Kenan professor of chemistry, all at UNC-CH.
Laudicina, Associate Professor of Allied Health Sciences at the UNC-CH School of Medicine.
Steven Wing, associate professor of epidemiology at the UNC-CH School of Public Health.
dean of the School of Public Health at UNC-CH and a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
During 1980 through 1982, as part of the National Evaluation of Rural Primary Health Care Programs conducted by the then Health Services Research Center of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 464 rural practices were identified nationwide that were receiving some form of external subsidy (Health Services Research Center, UNC-CH 1985; Sheps, Wagner, Schonfeld, et al.
GRBs are secured on a parity basis by legally defined available funds of UNC-CH (pledged revenues), including unrestricted general fund balances and unrestricted quasi-endowment fund balances ($1.