UNCACUnited Nations Convention Against Corruption
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UNCACUnion Nationale des Coopératives Agricoles de Céréales
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Like Hong Kong, the Philippines is one of 183 states-parties to the UNCAC, having signed the legally binding multilateral treaty on 9 December 2003 and ratified on 8 November 2006.
The UNCAC seeks to deal with a broad range of corrupt activities for a broad range of signatories, but its commitments are shallow and toothless.
In a bid to integrate the local and international efforts to promote fairness and combatting corruption, the Sultanate joined the UN Conventionagainst Corruption - UNCAC in November 2013.
As with the Penal Code, there is no requirement under UNCAC for the bribe to be above a specific monetary level - a bribe is a bribe.
The UN adopted UNCAC to send a clear message that the international community is determined to prevent and control corruption, she said.
To meet these ends, UNCAC relies on four pillars: prevention, criminalization, international cooperation, and asset recovery.
ICC has urged G20 leaders to ratify and implement UNCAC and encourages work with non-G20 states toward its universal adoption and implementation.
Participants from 150 States Parties to the UNCAC discussed implementation of the convention and ways to advance international efforts to prevent and fight corruption, Bino said.
UNCAC member countries should publicly disclose all information they might hold concerning corrupt practices in Morocco, in relation to trade, foreign investment and development aid or any other sector, the letter said.
Chapter II of the UNCAC outlines preventive measures against corruption.
standards, UNCAC establishes an international framework for countries to cooperate through mutual legal assistance and mechanisms to expand extradition to fight corruption.