UNCBDUnited Nations Convention on Biological Diversity
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participatory elements Forestry, Local Knowledge 1990-present) GLOBAL UNFF Political framing, POLITICAL International Experts, (1992-present) Negotiations, UNFCC Global priorities UNCBD UNCCD PARADIGM Capital Source / (approximate Potential Growth Rate1 period) 1.
The importance of biodiversity to indigenous peoples is specifically highlighted by the UNCBD, which "recogniz[es] the close and traditional dependence of many indigenous and local communities embodying traditional lifestyles on biological resources" (1992, preamble).
Addendum to phase II will be aimed at assisting the DoE to fulfil its commitments to UNCBD under Irans Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA).
UNFCCC, UNCBD and UNCCD, in Cambodia through the development of national capacities to better coordinate and generate information related to the implementation of these Conventions.