UNCCDUnited Nations Convention to Combat Desertification
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Khatib added that the Environment Ministry drafted, as part of the national strategy, a list of criteria aimed at defining the good use of land and its resources, in line with the UNCCD and international efforts.
Yet, UNCCD is saying high prevalence of poverty among the population is the major reason why the problems of land degradation refuse to significantly come down.
This intensity of responses needs to be reected accordingly in National Action Programmed stipulated by the UNCCD and their subsequent implementation.
Welcoming Drylands Ambassador Halonen, Monique Barbut, UNCCD Executive Secretary said, "Her Excellency is a global leader on sustainable development and women's empowerment.
UNCCD said that every year, the world is losing 12 million hectares of land, where growing some 20 million tonnes of grain is possible.
On June 16, she received a global award from UNCCD for a project essay on combating desertification.
The UNCCD is the only legally binding international agreement that links environment and development with sustainable land management, and in doing so recognizes the profound interrelationships between water, food and energy security.
More than 800 NGOs are officially accredited to UNCCD, but desertification has not obviously been integrated into wider policies such as water security or climate change.
La mision ha sido la de dar soporte tecnico a la UNCCD sobre "monitoreo y evaluacion biofisica y socioeconomica de la desertificacion y la DT, para sustentar la toma de decisiones en el manejo de tierra y agua" (DSD, 2009).
UNCCD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).
A similar composition is contemplated in Article 25(1) of the CBD, supra note 42, for the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice, and in Article 24(1) of the UNCCD, supra note 70, for the Committee on Science and Technology.