UNCDUnder the Covers Dog
UNCDUnited Nations Conference on Desertification
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The book offers discussion on UNCD in its two forms, as a powder and as a chemical vapor deposited film.
The UNCD process results in a phase-pure film, which is deposited on standard silicon wafers to create ADT's UNCD diamond on silicon (DoSi) products.
UNCD Electrodes meet that challenge and reduce the cost to purify contaminated wastewater due to their extreme efficiency and low operating costs.
UNCD Bearings are part of ADT's award-winning UNCD Components[TM] product family which includes faces for mechanical seals for fluid pumping applications.
UNCD T30, when applied to a silicon carbide mechanical seal face, can be run against a variety of hard counterface materials (e.
We have customers using our UNCD Wafers to make diamond products as diverse as AFM probes, switches for phased-array radar, biosensors to detect E.
UNCD Horizon represents a generational leap in diamond wafer technology that brings the surface roughness of diamond films to levels comparable to electronic grade silicon wafers; opening up new vistas for the application of diamond into a wide variety of electronic and biomedical devices.
ADT's products include UNCD([R]) Wafers[TM]--diamond-coated wafers for MEMS (micro-electrical-mechanical systems) development, NaDiaProbes([R])--atomic force microscopy (AFM) probes made entirely of diamond, and UNCD Seals--diamond-coated mechanical seals for pumps.
Although natural diamond is highly insulating, UNCD Lightning captures many of its best characteristics (e.
If the UNCD coating successfully eliminates the formation of blood clots without the need for anticoagulation, this would solve one of the remaining barriers to the widespread use of heart assist devices in tens of thousands of patients dying of heart failure.
This durability, coupled with ADT's expertise in the microfabrication of UNCD, will make portable, reusable sensors a reality.