UNCDFUnited Nations Capital Development Fund
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We are grateful to UNCDF and World Council on their decision to re-start the project.
The lack of financial products marketed to youth and identity and majority age requirements for opening bank accounts are the primary reasons why youth in SSA have low rates of formal financial service usage, despite a general inclination to save money (Ansong and Chowa 2010; UNCDF 2011).
UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Delivering the Goods: Building Local Government Capacity to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (New York: UNCDF, 2006).
Bernard Mokam, UNDP Country Director, signed on behalf of UNDP and UNCDF and the Finance Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development signed on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone.
Local Government Infrastructure and Service Delivery: A Case Study of the Decentralized Financing and Development Programme--Nepal," in UNCDF (ed.
Developed jointly by USAID, UNCDF, and UNDP, this report analyzes the need for financial services in Malawi.
4) The UNCDF lays out this change in paradigm in its "UNCDF Microfinance Sector Development Approach 2004.
Summary: Since 2003, the Government of Sierra Leone is cooperating with KfW, UNDP, UNCDF and Cordaid in a 5-year programme on eIuDeveloping a Sustainable Pro-Poor Financial Sector in Sierra LeoneeIN.
Entre los donantes de fondos que recibe el GT podemos destacar: USAID, WB, GTZ, UNCDF, Mac Arthur Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Fred Master and AUSAID, entre otros.
Delivering the goods; building local government capacity to achieve the millennium development goals, a practitioner's guide from UNCDF experience in least developed countries.
In 1994, the executive heads of UNCDF and UNHCR requested their inclusion in the JCGP.
In its first phase, the program will be implemented through a contribution to the "Support Programme for Financing of Agricultural Production (PAFPA)", supported by UNCDF (UN Capital Development Fund) co-financed with UNDP, banks trade and the Government of Burkina Faso.