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UNCIUnione Nazionale Cronisti Italiani (Italian: National Union of Italian Reporters)
UNCIUnited Nations Commission for Indonesia
UNCIUnione Nazionale delle Cooperative Italiane (Italian: National Union of Italian Cooperatives)
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Too many dams are still standing, trapping the sacred water and giving Americans their electricity while Unci Maka is suffering drought.
Lacinia con muchas sedas gruesas, delgadas, mezcladas y tres unci unidos en la base, rodeados por ocho heli gruesos.
As mentioned above, that a Lakota unci would convey this Two-Spirit acceptance in her own language and on her own traditional land is one of the more powerful statements that could be made on film.
Una reforma de armonizacion fiscal del IVA sobre una media ponderada conforme al tamano de las economias, cuando el producto es homogeneo, es estrictamente unci mejora potencial en el sentido de Pareto.
This is not the way traditional American Indians see their world; for them the world (earth) and the above (sky) are intimate relatives, so intimate the traditional Lakota Sioux use the personal relational terms of Maka ("mother"), Unci ("grandmother"), Ate ("father"), and Tunka'sila ("grandfather") respectively.
Governance and Good Governance: International unci Aboriginal Perspectives, Institute on Governance, Dec 3, 1999.
Unci el primero en el yugo a las bestias que se someten.
The brain weighed 1330 g, and macroscopic examination revealed marked grooving of both temporal lobe unci.
160) eingerichtet fur Klavier unci Violine von Jacqueline Ross nach dem Autograph fur Flote.
Maxila con galea y lacinia fusionadas, unci de lacinia normalmente grandes.
Dynastie: Archdologie und Geschichte einer gesellschaftlichen Institution zwischen Resident unci Provinz.