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UNCLEUnited Network Command for Law Enforcement
UNCLEUnited Network Command for Law and Enforcement (from the TV show)
UNCLEUnusual Nut-Case Lays of Ea (J.R.R. Tolkein humor website)
UNCLEUnderstanding Nitrogen and Carbohydrate Metabolism for Legume Engineering
UNCLEUnix Network for Computer Security in Law Enforcement
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In personal appearance, my uncle was a trifle shorter than the middle size; he was a thought stouter too, than the ordinary run of people, and perhaps his face might be a shade redder.
During the latter part of his fatal illness, my poor uncle was quite incapable of speaking on any subject whatever.
As for Uncle Henry, he thought his little niece merely a dreamer, as her dead mother had been, for he could not quite believe all the curious stories Dorothy told them of the Land of Oz, which she had several times visited.
I'm not surprised at that," said Uncle Alec, half to himself, adding, in his quick way: "Who have you had to play with?
When Uncle Alec had gone I proposed a saunter to the farther end of the orchard, where I had left a book the preceding evening.
At last, however, we heard the creak of the hinges, and it seems my uncle slipped gingerly out and (seeing that Alan had stepped back a pace or two) sate him down on the top doorstep with the blunderbuss ready in his hands.
Do you think you will be able to find my uncle for me?
I have only to leave this place, and your uncle would be satisfied, and you would be relieved from all the cares that are pressing on you now.
My dear boy," cries the uncle, kissing him, "I am heartily glad to hear it.
At the bank Tom was admitted into the private room where his uncle was, immediately after sending in his name.
Here is Uncle Silas, all these years a preacher--at his own expense; all these years doing good with all his might and every way he can think of--at his own expense, all the time; always been loved by everybody, and respected; always been peaceable and minding his own business, the very last man in this whole deestrict to touch a person, and everybody knows it.
Uncle Bill Hugson married your Uncle Henry's wife's sister; so we must be second cousins," said the boy, in an amused tone.