UNDCPUnited Nations International Drug Control Program
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The pattern of alcohol and drug use in rural areas is not much different from that reported in urban centers (see inter alia, Obot, 1993; Adelekan, 1998; UNDCP, 1997) except for the marked absence of hard drugs and injection use.
Neighboring Ecuador has also become an important corridor for coca paste shipped from Colombia, as well as a port for cocaine bound for the US via Pacific sea routes, said Klaus Nyholm, UNDCP director for Colombia and Ecuador.
UNDCP and WHO are implementing the Global Initiative on Primary Prevention of Substance Abuse, aimed at mobilizing communities to prevent substance abuse among young people and to identify and disseminate best practice in this area.
Ministry of Welfare, UNDCP, UNICEF, WHO, NACO (1996).
They come from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV-Aids (UNAIDS), the umbrella body for the seven UN and other organisations (UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, UNDCP, UNESCO, WHO and World Bank) that are now at the forefront of the global fight against HIV-Aids.
Piot leads UNAIDS in its effort to direct the activities of its organizational members (UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, UNESCO, WHO, UNDCP, and the World Bank) as they try to reduce the threat and spread of HIV, provide support for those affected by the epidemic, and address the socioeconomic consequences of the disease.
A comprehensive drug abuse control master plan for Pakistan covering the period from July 1997 to June 2002 has been prepared with the financial assistance and collaboration oft UNDCP.
Approximately 35% of this area is also dedicated to the growing of coca, and it is here that the UNDCP (United Nations Drug Control Program) coordinates international diversification programs.
A Frenchman, Bernard Frahi, said at a recent Middle Eastern regional UNDCP meeting that the Lebanese government, backed by the Syrian authorities, has been successful in eradicating the illegal hashish and opium crops.
Finland is a major donor to the UNDCP and is active in counternarcotics efforts within the EU.
Source: Rocha (2000), ONDCP, UNDCP, and author's calculations.
A 1993 study conducted in UNDCP development-project areas of Colombia found coca to be significantly more profitable per hectare than any licit crop included in the study, yielding nearly six times the net income per hectare as coffee, the next most profitable legal crop (Clawson and Lee 1993, 41).