UNDEFUnited Nations Democracy Fund
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The translation of this paragraph into operational reality is the task of the UNDEF Advisory Board, which operated on the basis of interim terms of reference until it adopted new terms of reference in 2009.
Six states to reflect diverse geographical representation based on their capacity to participate in UNDEF activities; (28)
One of the General Assembly's directions to the Secretary-General is that UNDEF "take proper account of existing UN activity in this field.
Beyond process issues, UNDEF needs to complement the work of other UN bodies and not duplicate it.
The terms of reference require UNDEF to select projects through a competitive process.
Once the board has adopted the short list, however, and prior to its submission to the Secretary-General for final approval, governments are advised of this selection and have an opportunity to provide any information they deem relevant to UNDEF.
It remains for me to describe the types of projects that UNDEF has funded.
A second large slice of the UNDEF projects gives particular emphasis to women's empowerment.
UNDEF has funded projects to develop community radio, train journalists, and launch street newspapers.
Finally, UNDEF funds a category of projects under the general title of "tools for democratization," which develop learning materials for civic education and civil society participation.
UNDEF was established by the Secretary-General in 2005 as a UN General Trust Fund to support democratization efforts around the world.