UNDPKOUnited Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations
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There was some overlap between the Brahimi Panel recommendations and the UNDPKO seminar proposals, as the UNDPKO proposals also called for the incorporation of CivPol personnel under the U.
Some of the Brahimi panel and UNDPKO seminar recommendations have been implemented, although many analysts judge that significant problems remain with the UNCIVPOL system.
One of these is the reform of the operational, technical, and internal management of UNDPKO, which was the subject of a Brahimi and of UNDPKO seminar recommendations.
UNDPKO official, interviewed by the author, New York, 16 November 2009.
Senior UN and UNDPKO officials and staff of Permanent Mission to UN, interviewed by the author, New York, November 2009 and December 2010, and Geneva, May 2011.
Senior UNDPKO official, interviewed by the author, Kinshasa, 8 March 2011.
See "Lessons Learned Study on the Start-up Phase of the UN Mission in Liberia," (New York: Peacekeeping Best Practices Unit, UNDPKO, April 2004).
This includes the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, a political mission led by the UNDPKO.
The Standing Police, Justice and Corrections Capacity of the UNDPKO and the Standby Team of Mediation Experts (SBT) of the Mediation Support Unit are the only examples of standing capacities within the UN Secretariat.
The point has a lessons-learned relevance for the UN Secretariat, particularly the UNDPKO that initially opposed the unorthodox and minimalist mission design.
In discussions with UNDPKO staff, Ian Martin and Jan Erik Wilhelmsen cited the Nuba mountains mission as a possible model.
The following statement, for example, is extracted from the report of the tenth anniversary seminar of UNDPKO organized in 2002, which brought together highly reputed UN officials, including the secretary-general and all the former under-secretaries-general who have headed UNDPKO: "Today, maintaining international peace and security cannot be separated from protecting the individual security of civilians.