UNDRIPUN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
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The Anglican Church of Canada's General Synod endorsed the UNDRIP in 2010.
instruments such as the UNDRIP play in the current discourse on the
His commitment to implement UNDRIP was shattered when Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould said that it would be "unworkable," "simplistic" and a "distraction" from other work.
For the timeframe 2014-2020, the recommendations specifically referring to ethnic minorities concern the provision of information on Forestry and Land Laws in a language easily understandable to them and the implementation of FPIC in compliance with UNDRIP (VRO 2013c).
Simplistic approaches, such as adopting the UNDRIP as being Canadian law are unworkable and, respectfully, a political distraction to undertaking the hard work required to actually implement it.
In what follows I will assume, in conformity with UNDRIP, that a group of persons may have rights--collective rights.
guarantee native rights and that the UNDRIP provides a reason to revisit
169 and UNDRIP have significantly influenced these interpretations of the American Convention and the Declaration, and have been central to the jurisprudence of the Inter-American system.
A question from Kayla Devault (Shawnee) a graduate student at Case Western Reserve: "I would be interested in what he thinks about the US adopting UNDRIP.
She pointed to three articles in the UNDRIP that support the rights of indigenous people to health.
The UNDRIP, that reinforces the international law on genocide, makes it clear that "Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture" and that any kind of attempt at economic integration, even in the name of poverty reduction, that smacks of "Any form of forced assimilation or integration" requires prevention and redress (UNDRIP, 2007, Article 8).