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UNE-PUnbundled Network Element - Platform
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In California, UNE-P prices are also set based on the deaveraged UNE rates.
Special Access is a tariffed class of ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) services that do not rely on UNE or UNE-P pricing, and allows some competitive carriers, like US LEC, as well as long distance carriers, to gain access to key network elements to provision services to customers.
CLECs have turned to MetaSwitch, calling the company's IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) switching and applications solutions "key" to the cost-effective migration from UNE-P.
More specifically, the proposal provides for increases in the price of UNE-P by at least $3 in phases over the next 2 1/2 years so as to impose a financial penalty on competitors that continue to rely on UNE-P.
UNE-P deregulation is having a major impact on competitive carriers, forcing operators to consider lower-margin leasing arrangements, facilities deployment, or even to drop services.
There is no question that UNE-P is reenergizing the local market, bringing competitive choice to millions of residential and small business customers who would otherwise remain captives of the incumbent," according to Peter Karoczkai, Senior Vice President, InfoHighway Communications and Chairman of the Promoting Active Competition Everywhere (PACE) Coalition.
FSN now has a choice of provisioning options instead of being locked in to the ILEC's UNE-P arrangement.
Our collaboration will enable us to quickly and cost effectively launch required UNE-P migration services as mandated by recent FCC rulings.
Acceris will continue to provide local services to its approximately 25,000 existing UNE-P customers in those states for the foreseeable future.
New Rochelle Telephone's wholesale advantage agreement with Verizon, which includes restructured pricing and a number of high-value services not offered under the previous government-mandated UNE-P plan, provides New Rochelle Telephone with the continued availability of wholesale services through at least December 2009.
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We see a migration from UNE-P to broadband as a viable way to continue to grow our business.