UNEDAUnited Network Equipment Dealer Association
UNEDAUnited Nations Economic Development Administration
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UNEDA members sell more than $2 billion in pre-owned gear annually to over 10,000 customers.
Should any qualified Pre-Owned Cisco dealer be interested in joining UNEDA, an application can be found on the website: http://uneda.
The award was created in honor of Robert Rothschild of Elarasys who passed away suddenly while attending the UNEDA European conference in Dublin, Ireland on September 14, 2009.
UNEDA President, John Stafford continued, "Dave's passionate commitment to highest standards of ethical trading has long been the backbone of UNEDA.
Of that group, three people were selected by the UNEDA Board of Directors for final voting by the general membership.
Together UNEDA members sell more than $2 billion in pre-owned gear annually to over 10,000 customers.
The gathering will give UNEDA members an opportunity to participate in a series of meetings as well as special breakout sessions to discuss the continuing implementation of industry best business practices.
According to Mike Sheldon, president of the board of UNEDA and CEO of Santa Barbara, Calif.
As part of the two-day annual gathering, UNEDA members will have an opportunity to hear about the latest developments in the areas of ethics and standards and cooperative sourcing strategies as well as the latest tips for identifying fake gear.
However, this practice hasn't stopped end-users from relying on UNEDA members for a wide range of requirements, such as complete network fulfillment, disaster recovery, asset recovery, testing and spares.
UNEDA members represent more than $1 billion in network equipment buying clout," says John Stafford, vice president of the UNEDA board, chairman of its membership committee and COO at Network Liquidators, a founding UNEDA member.