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UNEFUnion Nationale des Étudiants de France (French: National Union of Students of France)
UNEFUnited Nations Emergency Forces
UNEFUnified National Extra Fine (screw threads)
UNEFUniversidad Nacional de Educación Física (Spain)
UNEFFrench National Student Union
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The funniest tale he offers is of a Canadian infantry officer in UNEF who told a journalist in 1964 that he had been "trained to lead and fight.
This phase began with the deployment of UNEF along the Egyptian and Israeli border.
The UNEF I, composed of small-state forces, deployed to the Egypt-Israeli border.
Following the cease-fire in 1973 and Disengagement Agreements in 1974, the UN deployed another peacekeeping mission, UNEF II, in 1974.
UNEF was a Canadian idea, commanded initially by a Canadian soldier.
I see he served in UNEF and UNFICYP and actually did some kind of a peacekeeping study for the army?
Study of the UNEF Experience, Report of the Secretary-General, A/3943 (9 October 1958), par.
Colonel (ret'd) Sean Henry is a defence analyst, served with UNEF I and UNFICYP, and headed a program analysis of peacekeeping ordered by DND
Lester Pearson received the Nobel Peace Prize after the UNEF was established.
In 1966 I was posted to UNEF in Egypt for one year.
In the initial years of UNEF (I served two year-long tours in the first and third contingents) we were known as members of UNEF.
Assigned to the Golan Heights in the wake of the Yom Kippur War, the Canadians were part of a large force dubbed UNEF II.