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UNEFUnion Nationale des Étudiants de France (French: National Union of Students of France)
UNEFUnited Nations Emergency Forces
UNEFUnified National Extra Fine (screw threads)
UNEFUniversidad Nacional de Educación Física (Spain)
UNEFFrench National Student Union
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S ustanovenim operace UNEF II v roce 1973 byl vypracovan financni mechanismus, ktery se stal modelem pro vSechny nasledne operace na udrzeni miru.
Then in 1967, Nasser's bungling diplomacy led him to tell UNEF to get out of Egypt, the UN Secretary-General, U Thant, foolishly acceded, and the resulting Six Day War led to a huge Egyptian-Syrian-Jordanian defeat.
The largest--and for this chapter also the most important--were the CGT, the FO, the UNEF, the CFDT, the CFTC, and the FNSEA.
In particular, the Syrians demanded that Egypt send military units into Sinai and the Gaza Strip and remove UNEF behind which, the Syrians charged, Egypt cowered.
Secretary-General U Thant pull the UNEF [United Nations Emergency Force established in 1956 to separate Egypt and Israel] out of the Sinai.
All this is hardly surprising in view of previous UN failures in the Middle East (such as the hasty evacuation from Sinai of the UNEF by Secretary General U Thant in 1967) and the UN "peacekeeping" disasters in Bosnia, Somalia, and Rwanda.
In 1967, Egypt's President Nasser moved large numbers of troops and tanks into the Sinai Peninsula and demanded that the UNEF peacekeeping force leave Egyptian territory.
The UNEF university association, which joined with FIDL to call more protests, said it wants the government to go further and abandon other contested new reforms - including a law to allow teenagers to enter job apprenticeship programs at age 14 instead of 16.
Bruno Julliard, presidente de la UNEF (union nacional de los estudiantes de Francia) declaro: "si el gobierno desea continuar usando la fuerza .
Aparecen, sin embargo, algunos voceros como Bruno Julliard, de la UNEF (Union Nacional de los Estudiantes de Francia).
The precedent was set by UN Emergency Forces ('UNEF'), established in 1956 'with the consent of the nations concerned' (119) and withdrawn in 1967 when Egypt withdrew consent for UNEF.