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See UNEP-WCMC, Promoting Synergies; Ministry of the Environment of Finland, Report from a Nordic Symposium.
CBD secretariat, Montreal, Canada and UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge, UK.
By using maps to show the location of biodiversity, UNEP-WCMC draws together the work of researchers across the world who have identified particularly rich or vulnerable areas, including 'hot spots' and 'eco-regions'.
Mark Collins, UNEP-WCMC Director, stressed the vital role of ecosystems and how they interact to provide vital resources.
We are honored to be working with UNEP-WCMC to provide access to these critical biodiversity datasets," said Ron Mobed, president and chief operating officer of IHS Energy.
The combined datasets from IHS Energy and UNEP-WCMC (the Biodiversity Module) will be available in IHS Energy's international GIS/Web-browser and desktop applications.
UNEP-WCMC is the biodiversity assessment and policy implementation arm of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the world's foremost intergovernmental environmental organization.
UNEP-WCMC provides objective, scientifically rigorous global products and services that include ecosystem assessments, support for implementation of environmental agreements, research on threats and impacts, and development of future scenarios for the living world.
UNEP-WCMC is a key partner in this initiative, and plays a leading role in the delivery of the course.
Biodiversity is unevenly distributed around the world, but all countries are dependent on their biodiversity," said UNEP-WCMC director Mark Collins at the atlas's London launch.
However, UNEP-WCMC believes its not too late to reverse unsustainable practices.