UNFICYPUnited Nations Forces In Cyprus
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Mavros underlined also that the UNFICYP review process should concentrate on how the Mission should be best formulated to apply the existing mandate on the basis of an exclusively rigorous and documented assessment of the outcome of UNFICYP's activities as the relevant provision of the Security Council's decision.
Indeed, on the 50th anniversary of UNFICYP, it appears likely that not only can this UN mission be considered NATO's greatest success, at no cost to NATO, in keeping the Turk/Greek hostility to a minimum, but there is evidence that young Cypriots of both Turkish and Greek origin are willing to unite.
The President said that in the immediate aftermath of the Turkish invasion, UNFICYP assisted the High Commissioner for Refugees, the Red Cross and other international relief organisations as they helped victims of the invasion, facilitated deliveries of medical and food supplies and worked towards locating missing persons and the release of prisoners of war.
Gollner and nine other veteran Canadian UNFICYP soldiers made the journey to Cyprus this week to attend a series of memorial events organized by the Canadian government, including visits to cemeteries where some of the 28 Canadians who died here are buried.
38) According to the author, "since the 1960's, there has been much concern that UNFICYP, while fulfilling its mandate of preventing violence and providing suitable conditions for negotiations to take place, has also created a 'comfortable stalemate' and provided one or both parties with a lessened incentive to settle the problem.
A statement by the UN said, "Expressing full support for UNFICYP, the Council voted to extend its mandate until 15 December this year.
Regarding Cyprus, I will discuss UNFICYP and the Good Offices operations.
In his June report, UN Secretary-General Ban concluded that in view of the lack of a comprehensive political settlement, UNFICYP continued to play a vital role on the island.
In response to scuffles, and to the aggravation of the situation by Turkish Cypriot counter-demonstrations, UNFICYP threatened to pull out: they clearly had difficulties coping with the situation.
UNFICYP, on the occasion of today`s International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, recalls that between late 2004 and early 2011, teams of deminers associated with the UN Mine Action Centre in Cyprus (UNMACC) worked to rid the 180-km-long buffer zone of landmines originally laid by military forces in 1974.
In the report, the secretary-general said that UNFICYP played an important role in preserving the calm atmosphere in Cyprus and encouraging cooperation and confidence between the two communities in the island, and therefore, extending the force's duty for another 6-month period would be a suitable action.
Twenty-eight of them lost their lives on Cypriot soil, while Canada currently has one peace-keeper with UNFICYP.