UNFPUnion Nationale des Forces Populaires (French: National Union of Popular Forces, Morocco)
UNFPUser Notes on Fortran Programming
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UNFP said that food shops across Port-au-Prince had been "cleared out" since the quake and desperate survivors stole some of the stockpile of food aid from its warehouse.
68) UNFP and PRB, Country Profiles for Population and Reproductive Health, p.
26) The UNFP, drawing on World Bank figures, estimates that China received just over twenty billion US dollars from remittances in 2004.
ERKEN, A & DESIDERIO, R 2004: Meeting the reproductive health needs of young people: UNFP initiatives in Europe.
The unemployment payment is made by the players' union the UNFP and works on a percentage of your last salary - for me about pounds 3,000, a month.